NASA Space Apps Declassified

Intergalactic hackathon & conference brand promoting collaboration within space exploration

Client NASA

Brand Strategy



Featured on East Coast Main Stage Event

Over 25,000+ participants worldwide


Space Flight Fascination

Space Apps is a worldwide NASA innovation incubator program and global hackathon initiative to promote young designers, engineers, and thinkers within space exploration. The organization hosts challenges for space flight and problems on earth that technology could impact. Space Apps NYC, tapped L+R to develop their brand identity and position the organization


Differentiation by Design

L+R created detailed personas of the NASA Space Apps NYC target audience and investigated the legacy of space design. The research and technologies developed from the space program have directly helped solve problems here on earth. Using this insight, gave a tangible connection to short-term and long term impact by participants, and for the brand as a whole.

Applied Innovation

To Infinity

Launched at the NASA Space Apps Challenge East Coast Main Stage Event to thousands around the world. The brand identity has been enforced by international technology partnerships and engaging community youth groups. An interview with an L+R team member was also published on Medium. Read it here

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