Louis Vuitton Declassified

Immersive in-store event activation combining virtual and mixed reality experiences in luxury retail

Client Louis Vuitton

Brand Strategy


Mobile Application



Launched on Madison Avenue at Pop-Up

Custom-built Mobile VR app & Branded Headset


End of an Era

The world's leading fashion house and luxury retail company was releasing the final collection by tenured Creative Director, Kim Jones, with exclusive in-store displays in New York and Costa Mesa. Louis Vuitton called on the L+R team to translate Jones’ work to a seamless digital experience.

"The luxurious pursuit of island-hopping, moving between disparate and distinct locales, infuses a collection of hybrids and juxtapositions, built around combining different elements from different places."


Elevate the Experience

L+R explored the world that Jones’ created as a key source of inspiration; pulling in iconic graphical motifs from the garments and applying them to experiences for special guests and shoppers in-store.

Applied Innovation

Transport and Engage

Launched at their VIP event held in New York's Madison Avenue, the project included a high-touch mobile VR experience seated inside a Moke Beach Buggy, transporting viewers beach-side in a tropical paradise and a 4-wall projection mapped within the dressing room for Instagram-able moments and playful interactions.

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