AveNew Activist Rewards Program Classified

Empowering Unions Members With Points-Based Digital Rewards Platform


Disrupting activism with a patent-pending technology

A social activism ecosystem to mobile for change and engage union members

14.6 million total labor union members in the United States


Modernizing Union Interaction and Engagement

Once, the Union Hall was a lively epicenter of member education, engagement, and solidarity. The advent of the digital age and the ubiquitous use of social media risked diluting these genuine interactions. Amidst the cacophony of digital voices, genuine union communication was at a crossroads.

AveNew tapped L+R to envision a digital platform that could not only strengthen communication but also reward union members for their proactive engagement.


A Digital Platform for Rewarding Engagement

Collaborating with AveNew, L+R conceptualized and developed a platform that seamlessly combined information dissemination and interactive engagement. Members immerse themselves in articles, videos, trainings, and sign petitions, all the while accumulating points for their involvement.

These points, in turn, can be redeemed for tangible rewards, merging the dual goals of education and incentive.



Informed Community Meets Digital Rewards

With the introduction of AveNew’s dynamic iOS/Android mobile application, unions and their members found a unified platform to stay informed and be rewarded. Through this, unions could disseminate crucial information, while members could earn points for actively engaging with content. The tangible benefits of redeeming these points for rewards further enhanced member participation and enthusiasm, reinforcing AveNew’s commitment to modernized and incentivized union engagement.

L+R’s strategic, humanistic approach to AveNew’s challenge underscores our capability to intertwine meaningful digital engagement with rewarding experiences, a paradigm that holds potential for future adaptations in emerging platforms like web3.

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