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Blockchain Technology
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Blockchain Strategy

Any business will be transformed. It is just a matter of time. Blockchain is a perennial, immutable and easily accessible register of all transactions. What is your blockchain strategy to gain a competitive advantage?

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ICO Guidance

ICOs are increasing at an exponential rate. The technology for creating and distributing tokens is widely accessible. ICOs have proven to be extremely effective as a method of raising funds for early stage projects. How the ICO process is structured? How to approach an extraordinary opportunity to fund your project?

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NFT Minting

The market for crypto art is booming. The whole tech world has been talking about NFT, an acronym for Non-Fungible Tokens: strings of code that are guaranteed and secured through blockchain technology, attesting the origin, authenticity and ownership of a digital artifact. Interested to know more?

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of business leaders feel that Blockchain is scalable and will become mainstream
$20+ billion
in total funds raised from Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) since 2018
25x increase
NFT trading volume and valuations over $2 billion in various marketplaces
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