Job Description

At L+R we strive everyday to make truly great digital products. Since L+R was founded, we’ve always understood the deep importance of design as it relates to the ultimate success of the products we create. Holistically every aspect of a human’s relationship to a product is extremely important to us. A product’s branding, icon, user experience, interface design, animation, sound, color and so on all add important value to a person’s experience with a product. As a product designer, your role will be to own every aspect of a digital product’s design and to hold each of these aspects up to the highest standards all while collaborating with engineers, artists, strategists, analysts, and the like. We are currently seeking exceptional candidates to join the team as 1) periodic freelancers and 2) interns. All product designer positions are inherently flexible, which means that you can work remotely from anywhere in the world or you can work onsite at our headquarters in New York City.


  • Create beautiful, communicative and functional product branding
  • Contribute high value to team-based product brainstorming sessions
  • Build feature requirement documents alongside software engineers
  • Make intuitive information architectures, wireframes and interfaces
  • Write code to rapid prototype and test complex product interactions
  • Collaborate with software engineers to create detailed style guides
  • Contribute value to sprint meetings to help drive product direction
  • Provide honest critical feedback to other team members when able
  • Take agency to find and fix errors in L+R’s product design process
  • Collaborate closely with clients and partners on agency projects


  • Excellent communication skills with English as your first language
  • Competent at both front end development as well as illustration
  • Strong foundational knowledge of graphic design and typography
  • Experience building and shipping different categories of products
  • Foundational knowledge of engineering systems and design styles
  • URL featuring detailed examples of your product design portfolio
  • Ability to think at a high level regarding product strategy and vision
  • Able to self manage your time by being effective on a daily basis
  • Passionate about proactively contributing value to the organization
  • Passionate about important issues that you want to be a part of


  • Freedom for selected careers to work from anywhere
  • Educational stipend to continue improving your skills
  • Bike and pet friendly office at our NYC headquarters
  • Extreme trust and ownership over your responsibilities
  • Free lunch, snacks and drinks when you need them
  • Budgets for services like Spotify, Amazon and Uber